consumers lebanon


Consumers Lebanon

Consumers Lebanon established in 2000 is a non-profitable NGO dedicated  to defend  consumers’ rights and interests; its main objectives are:

  • Contributing in updating, improving and enforcing the laws and decrees related to consumers right.
  • Building up consumers awareness, by being transparent in providing information on any type of commercial goods and/or services in order to protect their rights from frauds and promoting fair competition.
  • Coordinating and mediating between the consumer and the governmental institutions; mainly Ministry of Economy and Trade.
  • Developing consumer’s awareness towards a sustainable pattern of consumption in a healthy green environment (municipality).
  • Encouraging the locally produced goods and improving its quality and/ or quality / price ratio for better local sales and to encourage greater exportation.
  • Conducted dozens of campaigns to improve food safety, and has worked with schools to improve student health and nutrition

Main role in the project

In the WP1 :Consumer science & co-creation

Participation in Task 1.2. General understanding and assessment of food drivers, dietary habits, and lifestyle among Med population.

 in the wp6 we have role also in the Task 6.1 Communication and awareness campaign

  • Conducting a survey among Lebanese families to analyze the barriers and challenges to the MD
  • Conducting 200 surveys door to door

Task 6.3 Market analysis, business modelling and marketing strategies

And Task 6.4; preparation of digital recipe book including receipts benefit all communities and encourage the nutrition value of each receipt.

contact person

Dr. Zouhair Berro (Doctor of Medicine, President of Consumers Lebanon)

Dr. Nada Nehme (Associate Professor, Vice president Consumers Lebanon, Responsible from the project at CONS)