Organizational structure

  • Project Coordinator
  • Scientific & Technical Manager
  • Project Steering Committee (PSC)
  • Innovation Committee (IC)
  • Innovation Manager
  • Exploitation Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • External Advisory Board (EAB)

Project's team

Simona Mincione (ENCO)
Project Coordinator

She holds a MA in International Relations and EU Studies. She got the certificate in EU Project Design & Management in 2012 and WIPO certificate for IPR Management. She is responsible for project proposals writing and project management. She managed SHEALTHY project and SUREFISH project

Main tasks

She is responsible for the continuous management of the project, the daily running of the project, the regular monitoring of the activities and for ensuring that the workplan adheres to its schedule, fulfils its objectives, the project meets the needs and expectations of all the partners. She will be active in steering the evolution of the project by closely monitoring work performed by each partner.

Noemí Boqué Terre (EUT)
Scientific & Technical Coordinator

Nutritionist, PhD studying the beneficial properties of polyphenols on the prevention of obesity and related diseases. Working in R&D&I projects for food companies and basic research in the field of nutrition and related pathologies. She also carries out scientific advisory activities related to the development of functional foods, nutrition and health claims, and human nutrition. Co-author of 19 scientific articles/reviews published in international journals

Main tasks

She coordinates the WP for the Scientific and Technical Management of SWITCHtoHEALTHY

Filippo Baldaro (CREDA)
Innovation Manager

Project officer with experience in designing data management plant, innovations issues relates to project outcomes as well as ethical issues related to consumer surveys.

Main tasks

He acts as a driver for the partners in capturing and maximising the value of the project innovation closely linked to Knowledge Management and IP Protection.

Marion Kusmann (CEEBA)
Exploitation Manager

Holds a M.A degree in Geography, Islamic Science and Economic. She is CEO of CEEBA since 2004. Ms. Kussmann working with private sector organizations and governmental authorities and institutions. She is overseeing all EU MENA projects in CEEBA and is coordinating 8 ENI CBC MED projects. She has been also the project manager and familiar with institutional and political set-up of the relevant stakeholders.

Alaa Ezz (CEEBA)
Exploitation Manager

He has established companies in Africa, projects for industry. He is Secretary General of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce Union of African Chambers Associations. Recently he has been elected as Confederation of Euro

Main tasks

They are responsible for ensuring the project results are systematically and fully exploited during and after the project lifetime

Germana Di Falco
Communication Manager

She is Full Member of the National Committee on Bioethics and Bioeconomy, for coordinating the national innovation strategy on food safety, food sustainability and food and Life Sciences and Technologies. She is the coordinator, on behalf of the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion of the 19 ETC Programmes that include Italy and is the person in charge of the MED. Coordinator of the Regional Committee for CAP 2021-2027.

Main tasks

She is specialised in communication actions and responsible for ensuring the project reaches out to different stakeholders, especially policy makers in the most effective way

Project Steering Committee (PSC)

Main tasks

It ensures that the project is implemented according to the needs and requirements of all the project partners, and to empower each partner organisation with a role in the strategic management of the project, a PSC is established. It consists of a key representative of each partner. This PSC will meet every 6 months


Innovation Committee (IC)

Main tasks

The Innovation Committee is responsible for identifying and managing innovation from the project. The IC consists of the Innovation Manager, Exploitation Manager, Communication Manager, and representative of WP Leaders. The IC manages the implementation of the innovation cycle, and the feedback linkages to the research. It evaluates the knowledge as it is generated with its market impacts.

External Advisory Board (EAB)

Stefania Maggi (Fondazione Dieta Mediterranea)
Elena Azzini (Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l'analisi dell'economia agraria CREA)
Dimitris Tsaltas (EIT Food – CLC South)

Main tasks

It assists and facilitates the decisions made by the Project Steering Committee